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Tips to Get Your Head In the Game



The big day has finally arrived, and you are getting ready to compete. Your training has led up to this moment, and now you are finding yourself freaking out, doubting yourself, and wondering what you were thinking. Sound familiar? This is a common occurrence among athletes and competitors, and it is often due to adrenaline overload. There are ways, however to get your head back in the game and remember the training you have endured, while maintaining the confidence and willpower to compete at your highest potential. Here are a few ways some of the top athletes in the business make it through their moments of doubt.


Even if you have trained every day for years, a moment of nerves can be the difference between a solid and mediocre competition. A great way to prevent this, especially in the moments before you make your big appearance, is to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques according to experts that’s moved here. You can practice controlled breathing, meditation, sitting in silence while clearing your mind, or anything else that works for you. As long as you settle your adrenaline rush and calm your nerves, any technique will do.


Make sure you do not engage in any negative self talk. If there are doubting thoughts entering your mind regarding you failing, make sure you practice your mindfulness technique and shift the 'I can't' thought into a positive thought. You can even write up a list of positive affirmations and repeat these to yourself in your moments of doubt. Make sure you repeat them over and over again until you truly believe them.


Engage in visualization techniques. These are techniques where you form a positive mental picture in your mind. These could be a visualization of you winning the big game, you breaking your personal record, anything that you deem as a personal goal of yours in this competition. Find out related information about this at http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Sport. Keep visualizing it until you believe it. This will not only help you emotionally, but it will prepare your body physically to reach this task. Your brain is essentially sending the signal to your body to prepare for this outcome, so your body is ready to perform the task at optimum efficiency. Visualization is not only helpful for training your mind prior to your competition, but can benefit you during your training as well.


Keeping your head in the game also means staying focused on the competition and the competition alone. Do not let any outside stress from your daily life creep into your mind. Instead, focus solely on your task and keep your mind focused on one thing. This will also maximize efficiency of your game as you are completely in the game, not anywhere else.


These mental exercises can be equally as important as your physical training. It is important that you find the routine that works best for you and follow it on game day to keep your nerves and adrenaline from getting in the middle of your big day. [source]